Conventionally, pressing the shutter is the final act in taking a photo. For Mark it is just the beginning. With his own stylistic route map in mind, this is the starting point of a journey: Images evolve as they are worked up, sometimes arriving at completely different destinations to those first thought of. Such is the nature of abstraction, Mark starts to see the potential as he deconstructs then reassembles the image into its final composition.

Describing his working process, Mark compares it to composing a piece of music. He establishes a melody and then taking inspiration from a variety of sources, adds layers around it, be it an optical illusion, loss of scale or a shift in colour space. Then finally, a suggested narrative i.e. the words that bring the piece to life. These, of course, are his words and it is for others to make their own interpretation.

Individual pieces of his work have been shown in exhibitions at:

The RWA, Bristol

The Salisbury museum

Thelma Hulbert gallery, Honiton

Black Swan gallery, Frome

Mount house gallery, Marlborough

Complete collection shown at Marlborough Open studios

If you would like to know more about Mark and what inspires and informs his work, click on his Instagram page (icon on the left) for updates and general chit chat.

He lives in the heart of the Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire, England with his wife, two dogs and five chickens. He has two grown up children who return home frequently.

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